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Have you studied “The Law of Attraction”, tried everything you can find to master it, only to keep falling short…? Feeling like a manifestation failure…?

Wondering if you might actually be “crazy” and just need to “face reality” (like your “realistic” friends and family keep implying)…?

Are you finally done, Done, DONE with struggling and feeling like a “lazy loser”…? (Ugh! I’ve so been there!)

Ready for a Brand New, Leading Edge Paradigm? A New Way of seeing The Universe that makes you feel Confident, Valuable and Divinely Supported…?

“What life wants from you is joyful expansion and what you want from life is joyful expansion.”

-Abraham Hicks

WORTH – The Magical Key To Abundance

THE Fundamental “New LOA” Course that recodes your consciousness and calibrates your vibration for Genius and Affluence Activation (Courses 2 & 4).

Worth delivers an Advanced Paradigm that will EXPLODE your current understanding of The Law Of Attraction. (Hint: it shouldn’t even be called “The Law Of Attraction” and the way you were taught to use it is WRONG AND INEFFECTIVE!)

FINALLY Bust Your Abundance Blocks, Fears & Resistance For Good!

Build Unstoppable Confidence & Brilliant Self-Worth so you can Speak Your Truth, live an Amazing Life, and feel Fabulous AF while you’re doing it!

“Life has caused you to become more—are you letting yourself be it?”

-Abraham Hicks

Advanced LOA Secrets You’ll Learn:

  • Why you haven’t been able to make “The Law of Attraction” work consistently—or even AT ALL! (Hint: it’s not you, it’s them!)
  • The root cause of your anxiety and resistance and how you can FINALLY BE FREE OF IT!
  • Why — contrary to what others have been telling you — being “different” IS ACTUALLY A GOOD THING!
  • The REAL purpose of affirmations (it’s not what you think!) and how to use them EFFECTIVELY. (Hint: you DO NOT need to write them out OVER AND OVER!)
  • How to INSTANTLY raise your vibration any time and WHY THAT MATTERS. (And it does matter. A lot.)
  • How to translate all other LOA & money programs so that they will work FOR YOU.

This Magical Course Is LOADED With Leading Edge Content:

  • Engaging Video Lessons That You’ll Actually WANT To Watch! (I keep them short, fun and interesting.)
  • Powerful Techniques With Clear Instructions (I walk you through everything, promise.)
  • The ‘Teachable’ Site Makes Navigating The Sections Easy-Peasy! (And you can rewatch the videos any time you want.)
  • BONUS: 1 Group Q&A for Even More Guidance
  • BONUS: This Works for Love & Relationships, too! (Not just your money consciousness. You knew they were connected, right?)

You Will LOVE These Bonuses:

  • A Powerful Divine Energy Activation & Healing Meditation for Confidence, Alignment and Receptivity (Yes, it’s in mp3 format so you can download it and use it on other devices!)
  • 1 Group “Q&A Party” for More Guidance (And Fun!)
  • Bonus Morning Alignment Guided Session: Set Yourself Up For Joyful Success!
  • Lifetime Access to Your Course, Including Any and All New Material I Add! (This means it will just keep getting better and better!)

Special 2019 Price ONLY:

Because I really, really want you to have this mind-blowing material, I am offering this Amazing Course for only $199 through 2019 ONLY! The price for all of my courses will increase in 2020.

AND…if you signup before (TBA), you’ll save another $100!

“WORTH” is the foundation for my other Abundance Activation courses (such as “Genius”) and it is a prerequisite.

*This special offer of $100 off of “WORTH” ends AT MIDNIGHT ON TBA 2019. At that time, the price goes up to $199. The course closes on TBA. When it is offered again (several months from now), the course fee will be higher.

YES! Of course I offer payment plans! (I really, really want you to have this material!)

So don’t wait. Don’t think. Don’t get all up in your anxiety! Resist your resistance and come get your WORTH!

MEGA WORTH + 2 Private Energy Sessions:

If you are ready to go all in and you’d like my personalized guidance to clear your particular blocks and help you change your limiting beliefs and habits for good, I am offering a limited number of “MEGA WORTH” Packages that include 2 Private Online Sessions with me. (To be scheduled after you’ve begun your course training.) Those two sessions alone are regularly $120. The package price, including The Full WORTH Course + 2 Private Energy Sessions, is currently $319. If you signup before TBA, you save $100 and the MEGA WORTH Package is only $219.

Receiving this material has changed my life and I know it can do the same for you. You are cordially invited to join me on the Leading Edge to discover your True Worth.

FAQs About This Course:

When does the course start and finish?

This course launches on October 22, 2019. (Enrollment closes on October 25.) The first Section and the Activation Meditation will be available on Launch Day (October 22). The other two sections of the course will be delivered every 4 days for 12 days. The 2 Q&A sessions will be scheduled (and recorded for replay) once the course launches. After the course completes, all material will remain accessible in your course dashboard. Each section is self-paced and can be completed and watched again at your convenience.

What format is the course in? How will it be delivered?

I use Teachable for my course delivery. This means you’ll have an easy-to-use dashboard where you can login and then click through to the different sections and lessons of the course. You can watch your videos there, read files there, and even download audio (mp3) files easily from within the Teachable interface. Talk about magical! 😉

How long do I have access to the course?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like, including Any and All New Material I Add! (This means it will just keep getting better and better!) Plus you can view your course content across any and all devices you own. (Teachable is awesome that way!)

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