Empaths & Energy Healers: Generators or Conduits?

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Do you think being “an empath” has doomed you to a life of exhaustion and gloom? Let’s reframe that…

This morning I’m inspired to write about the difference between being a true empath and being an emotional ping-pong in the drama tournament of life. Let me explain…

I vividly recall a conversation several years ago with a young man who loudly wailed, “Life is so hard when you’re an empath! I’m always so exhausted and depressed by other people’s feelings!” Failing to recognize how attached he was to that story, I attempted to help. “Perhaps you could ward yourself?” “That just doesn’t work!” he insisted. “Because then I feel nothing at all and I don’t want to go through life being numb!” Um, okaaaaaay. I resisted the urge to reply, “You obviously don’t understand warding”, because that would have been petty. And pointless.

Some people — in fact, sadly, many people — are very attached to their Great Sagas of Woe. (And you can’t reason with them, so don’t even waste your time trying.)

They’ve erroneously bought into the idea that their Woe is what makes them Special. And/or they’ve got some serious subconscious blocks to success (more on this in another article) and their Woe gives them an excuse to live small and stay in struggle. (A known hell is almost always less scary than an unknown heaven.)

On the off chance that you, dear reader, are not one of those people, I’ll share here my thoughts on “empathing”, warding, and being an energy channel versus a generator.

If you consider yourself to be “an empath”, you are probably highly intuitive and sensitive to the feelings, thoughts (read: energy) around you.

In your mind, you pick it up all day long and feel what everybody around you is feeling. Also in your mind: this happens beyond your control and there is no way for you to stop it without creating mental walls that would numb you to all feelings, including your own.

witch blog article: empaths and energy healers: generators or conduits? | magicalguidance.com
Empaths & Energy Healers: Are you a generator or a conduit?

Pbft. I call bullsh*t.

I submit that what you actually are is a highly sensitive Energy Conduit or Channel. (Which is the term I use for myself, rather than “energy healer”. Explanation another time.) You are extra sensitive to and aware of the energies (feelings, thoughts, vibes) around you.

But…did you create those other people’s emotions or thoughts? Nope. Are you in control of anybody else’s emotions or thoughts? Not even a little bit. Do you share the same soul or body? Nope, again. Did you create All The Energy There Is? No, you did not.

All The Energy There is already exists and it was “created” by The Divine (God, The Universe, whatever you like to call it). You did not create that energy. That energy comes from The Divine. Yes, we put our individual stamp on it, and we choose how we want to interpret it and manifest it into form, but we did not create The Energy.

That energy created us. Because that energy is us. Or, rather, we are The Energy. Get it…?

“As you change the way you feel, you access the Energy that creates worlds. It is there for your ready access at all times.” -Abraham Hicks

This is an important concept to grasp whether you call yourself “an empath” or “an energy healer” or “a lightworker”. You, darling, are a conduit. You are channeling Divine Light (energy, love, God, high vibes, good juju, you get it). You are not a generator. It is not up to you to “create” that energy. That energy already exists.

All The Energy there ever will be already exists. That’s the nature of it. It is Infinite Intelligence, Divine Love, Limitless Light.

If you are walking the path of a lightworker and you, like me, are particularly sensitive to energy, you may call yourself a Reiki practitioner, a healer, an intuitive, an empath, or some other title, but what you are doing when you lay your hands on someone or direct healing thoughts their way is you are channeling The White Light of The Divine. You’re acting as a relay, a substation, if you will. You’re — ostensibly — helping The Divine direct that energy to someone whose own sensitivity has yet to be awakened.

I say “ostensibly”, because what you are really doing is helping that someone to activate their own healing beliefs, thoughts, and energy awareness. You say you’re doing it and they feel it and believe it. Then their own inner healing ability is activated and The Divine does its perfect work. But they already had Energy inside them, right? How could they not? You just helped them to realize they could change the vibration of that energy — and maybe cleared it and got it moving for them.

I hope you’re breathing a big sigh of relief right now when you read this… Because what this means is you don’t have to worry about your own energy running out, or feel tired after a healing session, or even have to choose how much or what kind of energy to send to someone. Just trust The Divine to handle it. You do what you do and trust that exactly the right amount of energy and perfect flavor of vibration will be sent their way. You don’t have to do it perfectly because you’re just a channel for what is already Perfect. Yes, a highly intuitive and sensitive channel (don’t worry, you’re still special!), but not some delicate magical generator that may run out of mojo at any moment.

“The world right now is crying out for a team of ‘radio towers’ who are beaming in the cosmic energy of infinite possibility. It needs a force of human frequencies who believe in the invisible power of light and love.” –Pam Grout, ‘Thank And Grow Rich’

Your Source is unlimited — all you have to do is see it that way.

In addition, you no longer have to feel like you are at the mercy of everyone else’s energy (thoughts, feelings, physical wellbeing, vibes). It is absolutely possible to be sensitive and to notice and be aware of the vibes around you without changing your own energy to match it. You are in control of your own vibes, not anyone else. (Remember? You’re not in charge of their energy and they’re not controlling yours.) Your vibes are your personal stamp on the energy that exists in all things. You have free will to flavor, color, and manifest your vibes any way you want to. If you’re sensing something “negative” or “draining” around you and you let it make you feel “depressed” or “tired”, that means you are not controlling your own thoughts and feelings. You’re basically an unconscious energy chameleon, instead of a powerful, fully conscious energy alchemist and channel. In other words, you’re being lazy and abdicating responsibility for your own vibe.

Your energy is under your dominion, always. When you fully grasp this, creating wards becomes a symbolic ritual that you do because you enjoy the ceremony of it (and the metaphoric reminder), not because you actually need it to protect you from someone else’s influence.

If you continue to feel like managing your vibe around others is challenging for you, you can ask your Higher Self to guide you in changing that. (Which is an article for another time.) Again, you are channeling Divine Perfection, and it doesn’t make mistakes. If you have been called to be an energy worker, you have access to everything you need to do it easily, joyfully, and for the highest good of all. Trust. ♥

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