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Angel Reader Or Sinner? My Thoughts On The Great Doreen Debate…

Amended September 9, 2019

After reading DV’s now infamous “Hate List“, which was published on July 21, 2019, I am amending my previous post (below) to state, unequivocally, that I now think this woman is a hate-spouting nutter who I will not support in any way.

I have asked Hay House to refund all moneys spent on any courses with DV’s name on them because A: they published her new Jesus book and are still selling many of her previous publications, which means they are financially supporting her while she spews hatred against the very metaphysical community that funded her life for years and built Hay House; B: I never would have given them any money for anything with her name on it had I known her true colors at the time; and C: those courses are essentially worthless to me now, as I cannot claim any pride in teachings by someone who now publicly vilifies pagans, witches, tarot cards and readers, and ALL metaphysicians…AND even yoga AND HARRY POTTER??? (You think I’m going to keep posting those courses as “accomplishments” on my website, Hay House?! Not f*cking likely.) Every time I think about watching her in her flowy, sparkly gowns (the same items she sold on ebay when she found Jesus) in those videos, including the one where she comes out riding a gorgeous white horse with a unicorn horn (I assume that poor horse was among the many animals promised a forever home at their now defunct animal shelter — they were all given away, too), I feel angry and a little sick. (Still waiting on that refund, BTW, and it’s been two weeks now, Hay House. *cough*)

In addition, I donated several unopened decks of her cards to the local Goodwill and am in the process of replacing all the others. I used to think I could keep using the good ones and just ignore her name on the box. But after reading that list and her new disclaimer on all her Amazon listings (go check it out), I feel like I want to put my money where my mouth/heart is on this one. I will certainly never buy anything of hers again (I’m hesitant to buy anything from Hay House while they continue to publish her works) and I will no longer promote or recommend any of her cards, nor will I ever use any of them in any future public readings or image postings.

Again, this is not just about someone “changing their mind spiritually”. This is about someone doing a complete 180 AND THEN publicly posting hateful diatribes repudiating and vilifying the very life she used to enthusiastically promote and profit from for years. There is some seriously Dolores Umbridge batsh*t hate being spread by that woman. THAT IS NOT OKAY WITH ME. Imagine if someone lived well for years as a famous, successful gay YouTube star and suddenly “heard the voice of god” and started posting videos all about how being gay is the work of demons? (Oh, and “if you’re bothered by this post, you’re possessed by a demon”!) Or if they were a prosperous medical doctor who suddenly received a message “from god” telling them that modern medicine is the work of the devil and anybody who participates in it is being lead by demons? Your “freedom of religion” ends the same place mine does: at the point where that free-swinging fist has made contact — in this case, deliberate contact — with someone else’s face. No bueno, Doreen and Hay House.

As I am a Certified Angel Card Reader who spent hundreds of dollars and many hours studying under Doreen Virtue, I figured it was time I stop avoiding this issue and weigh-in…

If you’re reading this post, you’ve probably already heard all the controversy. For anyone who has somehow managed to miss the stories and blog posts and YouTube comments, here’s the scoop in a nutshell: some months back, famous angel card guru Doreen Virtue announced that she had been spoken to by God (or Jesus or an angel, whatever), experienced a religious awakening, and that she had decided to stop all tarot and angel card readings and teachings, and that her name would gradually be removed from all her published decks. (!!!)

In addition, all her previous YouTube readings were removed; she stopped referring to “meditations” and began calling them “prayers”; she started posting almost daily on Facebook about “Jesus” and “God” and “sin”; she stopped wearing makeup and began dressing very plainly in her videos; she sold all her glamorous costumes on Ebay; and then she announced that she was selling her home in Hawaii, getting rid of most of their animals (they used to have a very full animal sanctuary), and moving her family to the mainland.

Mic. Drop.

Now on the one hand, I’ve hesitated making a public statement about this because I’ve always believed that our religious beliefs are just that: ours. Nobody else’s business. On the other hand…ARE YOU FREAKIN’ KIDDING ME???


This is disturbing on multiple levels. First of all, it’s generally believed that the motivator of all these changes is her THIRD and current husband, Michael. I’m not privy to their personal life, but from the outside it looks like this unknown man married her—a famous woman who built a hugely successful business based on authoring countless books, card decks, teaching videos and public speaking engagements—and then proceeded to alienate her from all of those accomplishments, attentions and acclaim, then cut off her income stream and encouraged her to stay isolated at home and become a “plain jane”. C’mon, Doreen! You’ve got a degree in psychology and that is textbook control behavior!

Article: Angel Card Reader or Sinner?

As a woman in business, this whole scenario freaks me out. Doesn’t she have a smart, close girlfriend who will be honest with her? Say something like, “Honey, this is husband number three! Just in case it doesn’t work out, do you really want to burn ALL your financial bridges…? You’re not getting any younger, you know!” *shaking my head*

It has been noted by many online that Doreen’s extremely religious parents moved in with her sometime during the past year (or two?) and that this was bound to have an effect on her state-of-mind. I also want to point out that both Wayne Dyer and Louise Hay died during the past two years. Coming face-to-face with one’s mortality can be very frightening for most people and extreme reactions are common. But when I say “extreme reactions”, I mean “I’m thinking of finally trying skydiving”, not “I’ve decided that New Agers have been possessed by demons and I want to talk to you about near death experiences, Jesus, and burning all your tarot card decks”… Like I said, disturbing on multiple levels.

As a witch and a paying customer, I’m not thrilled that my former teacher is now calling me a sinner.

Second, as a witch and a paying customer, I’m not thrilled that my former teacher is now calling me a sinner. One of the qualities I used to appreciate in Doreen was her tolerance and open-mindedness. She was honest about her beliefs, but still inclusive to those whose spiritual practices differed from hers. One of the ways this was clearly demonstrated was her public friendship with and support of Radleigh Valentine (who I just love and who taught the Angel Card Certification with her).

Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine
Doreen and Radleigh in one of their many videos. This one is promoting their co-written project, “The Big Book Of Angel Tarot”.

I have now read quite a few posts about these events and still haven’t seen anyone comment about Radleigh. Honestly, to me that is the saddest part of this whole about-face: their lost partnership. He appears to be a kind person and I have yet to see him discuss any of it anywhere, but it had to hurt. She seems to have completely dropped their close association. Her FB page no longer links to his and she has stopped mentioning or including him in any of her posts or broadcasts. (That was as of the last time I checked, which was a few weeks ago. I haven’t been back because, well, yuck. As soon as I saw all the posts about Jesus and God and sin, I immediately unfollowed her.)

While I haven’t seen her speak out against him directly, I’ve also never seen a Christian fanatic be accepting of homosexuality or same-sex marriage. This makes me sad. They appeared to have a great working relationship and friendship and together they were a wonderful teaching team. Now their public association (at the very least) has been tossed out along with her card readings, classes and card decks. If she’s still his “friend” at all, she’s being secretive about it, and that’s not really worth much in the current social climate, is it? *more head shaking*

I guess what I’m saying is: it doesn’t bother me that Doreen the person has found a new religious faith; that’s her business. What bothers me is that Doreen The Public Figure has become preachy and judgmental, instead of loving and inclusive, is no longer an example of a glamorous, successful business woman, and is now repudiating the very things that she profited from for decades.

Doreen’s religious conversion doesn’t change the training I received one iota.

copyright 2017,
A couple of my favorite Doreen Decks.

So that’s how I feel about this drama on a personal level. In terms of my profession, it’s honestly business as usual. It does bother me a tad (if I choose to let it) that the certificate I paid so dearly for has been greatly devalued by the loss of the program creator’s credibility.

Then I remind myself that my business success and reputation depend on the quality of my work and not on somebody else’s YouTube videos or Facebook posts. I can either dwell on the perceived unfairness of the timing and regret the hundreds of dollars I charged to a credit card, or I can decide that everything is working out perfectly for all of us in ways we might not yet be able to see. After all, she’s removed herself from the Angel Card Reader Realm, right? So now it has nothing to do with her. (Bye, Felicia!…I mean, Doreen!)

The bottom line is that Doreen’s religious conversion doesn’t change the training I received one iota. I was an intuitive card reader before the certification course and I did not become a Doreen-clone after taking it. Will it change whether or not I read any more of her books or buy more of her decks? Yes. I’ve already mentioned that I unfollowed her everywhere. However, I own and use a number of her oracle and tarot decks and I’m not going to stop using them or throw them away simply because she’s become an obnoxious bible-thumper. I bought the decks because they’re good decks, not because they have her name on them. Likewise with any of the techniques I picked up in the Angel Certification Training. I never idolized her; she was simply a good, personable teacher. I took away those methods that worked for me and made them my own.

Please don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Which is where I’m going with this… Please don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater just because you’re angry or hurt. I understand feeling betrayed (believe me), but her sudden religious turnabout does not have to invalidate any training or materials she’s authored in the past. If you found it valuable before, it is still equally useful. Just split her off in your mind (kindof like she’s split her life): Doreen The Angel Emissary vs. Doreen The Religious Zealot.  (And save all your decks with her name on them. They might just be valuable some day.)

Veela is proud to be a professional tarot card reader and an eclectic witch. She politely requests that you keep your concerns for her soul to yourself, and she promises to be equally respectful of your own religious choices. Thanks. ♥

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