Intuitive Tarot Energy Reading

When I do a Tarot Reading, it isn’t about telling your future or giving you the winning lottery numbers. It’s about reading your energy and advising you on your choices and path.

I often start to get an energetic read on your current issues the moment you book an appointment. Pulling cards gives me a visual and symbolic means of interpreting and communicating the messages I’m downloading for you.

These Intuitive Tarot Energy Readings are 20-30 minutes in length. We go over one issue or question. I look at what you can learn from it, how you should proceed for the highest good of all concerned, and/or what you can do to improve or solve the situation.

Some Questions These Readings Can Be Used For:

Should I do this? Yes or No?
Is this business venture or partnership a good idea for me right now?
Which house (or job) is a better choice for me right now? A or B?
Am I on the right path/track with this product, idea, or venture?
Is there something I’m missing or a better way to achieve the desired outcome?

I will take your call live via voice or video, listen to your question, pull some cards and share with you my energetic/intuitive interpretation. After the call, I’ll email you photos of the cards.

“Veela’s reading with me was spot on! She is amazing at interpreting and explaining the cards in a deeply thoughtful manner. It was a surprisingly moving reading!” -A., CO

How Intuitive Tarot Readings Work

After you purchase your session, we’ll arrange a date and time via email. (It’s usually done quickly and soon.)

We’ll session either on the phone or via Zoom Video Chat. I’ll set all of that up with you, as well as the date and time, via email. These sessions typically run 20 to 30 minutes.

If you’d like to ask me a scheduling question before purchasing your session, you may use the Contact Form to do so.

“Had a reading done by Veela recently, it was a great experience, just what I needed. Her words really hit home all throughout our talk and she really put things into perspective, very inspiring. I highly recommend her!” -E., NV