Affluence Alignment Programs created specifically to guide you to your most prosperous path. This collection includes:

💰 Magic Money Mindset Bundle
💰 Path of Gold Zoom Money Alignment
💰 Magic Money Activation Set

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Magic Money Activation Set


✨💰✨ Attract Money Mindset Meditation + I Am Wealth Alignment Affirmations Loops (2). 3 Powerful MP3 Audio Files Designed to Reprogram Your Money Mindset to Attract Wealth, Abundance and Affluence ✨💰✨

Transform your Money Mindset quickly and easily. Liberate your Golden Millionaire Mind! Listen to these programs daily for rapid changes to your core programming. These are not “subliminal” audio. You will actually hear my voice speaking Powerful Activation Affirmations that will change your beliefs about money and open your mind to Million Dollar Ideas. When your beliefs change, your actions and results will change and your income will increase. 

✨💰✨ Includes 12-Page PDF Guide. Designed to help you finally achieve your Law of Attraction and Manifestation goals! ✨💰✨

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