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ritual color correspondences for magick | magicalguidance.com

Ritual Color Correspondences

Hereโ€™s a handy short-list of the most common color correspondences (or โ€œinfluencesโ€) in magick, for use when choosing ritual candles, altar cloths, clothing, and so on…

tarot and oracle card readings | magicalguidance.com

Intuitive Tarot & Oracle Card Readings

An intuitive card reading is the best way to start working with me. We can gain useful insight into the important areas of your life, clarify your current goals, and illuminate any repeat patterns or places you may be stuck…

magical witchy blog post | magicalguidance.com

Witchy Style vs. Intention

This morning I feel inspired to blog about something that I see often (in many forms) in the witchy community, online and IRL: the difference between style and intention…

Review: Sacred Traveler Oracle Cards | magicalguidance.com

Review: Sacred Traveler Oracle Cards

This is a review of one of the newest decks to join my collection: the “Sacred Traveler Oracle Cards” deck by Denise Linn, as well as an explanation of how I evaluate potential additions to my reader collection.

sage smudge spray article | magicalguidance.com

SAGE + CRYSTAL Magical Lotions and Potions

I launched SAGE + CRYSTAL with the intention of providing high-quality, practical and pleasing magical items. My first product (which I am really proud of!) is a smokeless Sage Smudge Spray, made with organic essential oils of sage, lavender and rosemary…

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