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Second Chance Magic In Seattle eBook by Veela Morgan |

Second Chance Magic In Seattle (Second Chance Magic Book 1): A Short Witchy Second Chance Romance

A midlife second chance at magic? No, I did not see that one coming. After all, nothing magical ever happened in my conventional life. That is until my author boyfriend of sixteen years dumped me for a younger woman…

Now here I was on a ferry outside of Seattle, heading to Whidbey Island, the very location where โ€˜Practical Magicโ€™ was filmed. It was also the home of โ€˜The Annual Practical Magic Festivalโ€™ which would be taking place while I was there. Thatโ€™s right, I would be celebrating my birthday on a magical island, in an adorable town, surrounded by equally nerdy witchy fans and revelers. It was almost too good for me to believe.

Little did I know, my real-life fairytale would surpass even my wildest dreamsโ€ฆ


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