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Ritual Color Correspondences

Here’s a handy short-list of the most common color correspondences (or “influences”) in magick, for use when choosing ritual candles, altar cloths, clothing, and so on. (Confession: as is often the case, this became my blog post today when I needed the information for something and decided to multi-purpose my research.)


Extremely powerful color to use; absorbs and removes negativity; repels dark magic; banishing, especially banishing evil; reverse, uncross, release, break up blocks; removing hexes; grief; parting; letting go; binding; protection.


Medium and royal blue are element of water; emotions; safe travels; light blue is element of air; light blue for inspiration, wisdom, truth, inner peace, harmony in the home; royal blue for loyalty, group success and occult power; blue is associated with the direction of West.


Element of earth; earth elementals; communicating with nature spirits; grounding; balance; earth energies; hearth and home.

Gold (metallic):

Represents The God; the sun; solar magick; masculinity; victory; overcoming; honor; ambition; success; power; prosperity; higher intuition; good fortune; quick money.


Element of earth; wealth and money; prosperity; luck; success and achievement; healing and health; growth; earth magick; nature and garden spells; fertility; marriage; balancing an unstable situation; associated with the direction of North.


Major changes; encouragement; confidence; warmth; enthusiasm; activity; energy; creativity; joy; the harvest; fertility; attracting what you need or want.


Romantic love; friendship; warm family; goodness; peace; sweetness; forgiveness; sleep.


Intuition; spirituality; spiritual power and development; spiritual healing; invoking spirits; higher psychic ability; connecting with higher realms; wisdom; dream work; general protection; success; progress; fame and promotion; happiness.


Element of fire; passion; sexual energy; passionate love; anger; heat; confidence and courage; strength; energy; protection against being attacked; associated with the direction of South.


Represents The Goddess; the moon; moon magick; femininity; psychic development; divination; astral work; insight.


Neutral color that can be used for anything; cleansing; truth; purity; protection.


Element of air; communication; creativity; ideas; mental clarity; strengthening the intellect; knowledge; studying; business ventures; counseling; happiness; optimism; associated with the direction of East.

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