Have You Forgotten How Magical You Are?

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Hi. I’m Veela, your new Energy Alchemist.

If you keep reading, you’ll notice I don’t list a bunch of coachy strategies or certifications and trainings I’ve taken. Why not? Because you’ve seen all that before.

What you haven’t seen is me.

All that’s important for you to know right now is this: I am massively magical and so are you.

How do I know this? Because you are here. Which means you’re meant to be here and that I have the perfect skills and gifts to help you alchemize your current energy and transform whatever B.S. block you think is holding you back.

I know that you’re meant to be here because that kind of synchronicity happens for me all the time — along with electrifying inspiration, incredibly insightful intuition, and a steady stream of brilliant ideas and creativity — ever since I activated my Divine Genius.

Sound like fun? It is.

If you’re here, I know I can help you.

I’m not going to tell you specifically how because, honestly, it’s my own unique magic and usually it happens on the fly. Which means it’s custom tailored to you by The Divine.

If you’re here, you’re meant to be here, because that’s how I created it.

Send me a message now and let’s set up a session or several. I may even have time in my schedule within the next day or two. That often happens because, like I said, synchronicity.

Use the contact form to let me know what you think is going on for you and when you’d like to book an appointment (give me a couple options), or just follow the link below to book your first Energy Alchemy Session, and I’ll speak with you soon.

mystic energy worker alchemist healer | magicalguidance.com

My Super Powers…

Divine Genius Activation: Did you know you have vast untapped potential inside you? You do. (I promise.) I see your Magic and I know how to help you unlock and elevate it. Let’s invite your Divine Genius out to play, give her a director’s chair, and take this show to Broadway (or wherever you want to shine).

Energy Clearing and Channeling: For as long as I can remember, I have been intensely aware of Source Energy. (I was even once visited in a dream by a Shaman who showed me how to call my power back to me.) I don’t create it; I feel it and channel it. If you’re feeling stuck, blocked from Source, out of touch with the Divine, I can guide you back, teach you Energy Alchemy, and help you fire-up your own Mojo.

Block-Busting: Babe, my intuition is like x-ray vision meets truth serum. In other words, it’s seriously sharp. If you’ve got abundance blocks (and you do, or you wouldn’t be here), I’ll help you uncover them all, and teach you how to finally obliterate them. Just think how high you could fly without that old ball-n-chain sabotaging your every dream.

Possibilities Strategizing: Box? What box…? Girl, my mind thinks big. Really big. As in no-limits. If you honestly want it, I’ll help you figure out how—both practically and metaphysically. (And teach you to build titanium faith muscles while we’re at it.)

Ritual Creation and Magickal Instruction: So…I’m a witch. (An eclectic witch to be more precise.) Have I mentioned that? I’ve been a magickal practitioner for over 30 years. This means that if your intuition nudges you to learn altar creation or release your blocks in a burning bowl, I’m your guide.


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