Have You Forgotten How Magical You Are?

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I’m Veela, an Eclectic Witch, Author, Blogger, Magic Coach, Intuitive Energy Channel, Meditation Expert, Tapping (EFT) Guide, and Block-Busting Ninja.

My mission is to help you break free of limiting programming and sabotaging blocks, find what lights your inner fire, what inspires and motivates you, and then teach you to keep yourself that way: confidently guided by divine intuition, sparkling with creative inspiration, and thrumming with purpose and drive.

If you have a deep yearning to transform your life from mundane to magical,  if your creative spark is a distant memory, if you secretly suspect that you might be living in the (metaphysical) cupboard under the stairs, and that your life—and you—could be so much muchier, you’re in the right place. (Of course you are—there are no accidents, right?)

“A Witch is a person who takes responsibility for her own transformation through acts of creativity, ritual, and focused intention. She speaks the language of symbols and lives in liminal space.” -Pam Grossman

My Super Powers…

Block-Busting: Babe, my intuition is like x-ray vision meets truth serum. In other words, it’s seriously sharp. If you’ve got abundance blocks (and you do, or you wouldn’t be here), I’ll help you uncover them all, and teach you how to finally obliterate them. Just think how high you could fly without that old ball-n-chain sabotaging your every dream.

Possibilities Strategizing: Box? What box…? Girl, my mind thinks big. Really big. As in no-limits. If you honestly want it, I’ll help you figure out how—both practically and metaphysically. (And teach you to build titanium faith muscles while we’re at it.)

Inner Genius Liberation: Did you know you have vast untapped potential inside you? You do. (I promise.) I see your Magic and I know how to help you unlock and elevate it. Let’s invite your Inner Genius out to play, give her a director’s chair, and take this show to Broadway (or wherever you want to shine).

Energy Clearing and Channeling: For as long as I can remember, I have been intensely aware of Source Energy. (I was even once visited in a dream by a Shaman who showed me how to gather it.) I don’t create it; I feel it and channel it. If you’re feeling stuck, blocked from Source, out of touch with the Divine, I can guide you back, teach you Energy Alchemy, and help you fire-up your own Mojo.

Ritual Creation and Magickal Instruction: So…I’m a witch. (An eclectic witch to be more precise.) Have I mentioned that? I’ve been a magickal practitioner for over 30 years. This means that if your intuition nudges you to learn altar creation or release your blocks in a burning bowl, I’m your guide.

Want Different Results? Let’s Work A Different Way.

If our goal is an Extraordinary Life, doesn’t it make sense to throw away the same ol’ box and use Extraordinary Methods? I mean, ask yourself: do you really, really want to change your life? Do you…?

I am a Big Believer in magic, true, but above all I am a pragmatist. As I see it, you’ve already spent more than enough time telling and retelling your sad tale and living a far less than spectacular life. The quicker we get down to figuring out what works to change your life, the quicker it’s actually going to change, right…? So that’s my focus: creative solutions. I won’t wallow with you in “what’s wrong”, but I will (relentlessly) redirect your focus to what’s working right.

I don’t think of myself as a traditional “coach” because I prefer transformations that come in big, fast bites. Consider me a solutions strategizer, a catalyst, a guide, a fellow boss witch, and, if you’d like, a magic coach. Call on me to help you quickly clear a block, restart a stall, generate fresh ideas, learn new witchy skills, and fast track to the next level.

To help get you on your right path, I will use every transformative tool at my disposal, which might mean we start with an intuitive card reading to gain clarity, do some tapping (EFT) to clear your blocks, and then I’ll guide you through an energy clearing meditation or teach you a magick ritual to release the past or call in your Higher Guidance. I use my intuition, creativity, and experience to tailor our work specifically to you.

tarot readings | magicalguidance.com

I Specialize In The Areas Of…

Busting Abundance and Success Blocks
Money and Manifestation, Prosperity, Law of Attraction
Tapping (EFT)
Guided Meditation, Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy
Reiki, Energy Clearing and Channeling
Intuition Clairvoyance
Magick and Ritual Instruction
Intuitive Tarot & Oracle Card Reading
Motivation and Personal Development
Life Purpose
Reinvention and Igniting Your Inner Fire
Creativity, Productivity & Flow
Unconventional Entrepreneurship
Feminine Power, Learning to Receive, Getting It Done With Fun
Love and Relationships
Releasing and Letting Go
Coming Out Of The Spiritual Closet (for witches and other light workers)

My Beliefs…

I believe we create our own destinies through our choices and actions, and the first step to change is to accept responsibility for our power as creators. There is no “one size fits all” recipe for happiness, but if you live unconsciously and by default, what you get is a deadened, unthrilling life. We each must actively and deliberately discover and create our own unique path to living a fulfilling, prosperous, extraordinary life.

If you are not living authentically, not expressing your gifts and talents, then you are shut off from your Creative Life Force. (And Creative Life Force is fuel. You can’t run indefinitely without it, anymore than your car can.)

Unfortunately, that Special, Extraordinary, Unique Path too often gets obscured by convention, have-tos, shoulds, responsibilities, expectations, judgements, and—the most insidious culprit of them all—fear. Too often we lose sight of our dreams and passions, we squelch our creativity, we belittle our own gifts, we ignore our Inner Guidance, we do what we think we’re supposed to do. We try (and try and try) to tow the line. To live the cookie cutter dream.

In other words, we live the way we were programmed to live—which means the way our primary caregivers lived. (They could only teach us what they knew, right?) If we never examine, question and break free of that programming, our lives will continue the same way, year after year, and we’ll keep getting the same results, never evolving to a higher level.

One day we’ll wake up and wonder why we’re not happy, energized, enthused. What happened to our plans and dreams? When did we lose our verve…?

One day we’ll wake up and wonder why we’re not happy, energized, enthused. What happened to our plans and dreams? When did we lose our verve? How did we waste so much of our lives doing what we were supposed to do only to end up here now, asking that age-old question: Is This All There Is…?

Does it sound like I get it? That’s because, honey, I DO. And I’m here to tell you that you’re not alone and you’re not crazy for wanting more. Much, Much More. And more is absolutely possible, but…

It’s not going to just fall into your lap. (I’m a witch, not a fairy godmother. Sorry.)

If you have finally had enough of merely existing and repeating the same old patterns…If playing it small and safe barely gets you out of bed in the morning…If you have reached the point of realizing that the cost of wasting even one more day not being Your True Authentic Self is more than you are willing to pay…

Let me help you to Reinvent and Reignite.

In other words…

Live Your Fabulous, Extraordinary, All-In, No-Holding-Back, No Playing Small, No Apologies, Not-Gonna-Miss-Anything, One-Of-A-Kind, Wildly Wonderful Life!!!

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