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Welcome to Magical Guidance. Iโ€™m Veela.

I believe…
You are Wildly Magical & Creative.
You have the Infinite Potential of The Divine untapped within you.
You can liberate and empower your Intuitive Genius.
I want to show you how…

The Magical Veela YouTube Channel

How I Can Help You…

 Magical Coach & Course Trainer
Magical Coach & Course Trainer

A Magical Coach and Transformational Teacher, I specialize in Prosperity, Abundance Block Busting, Intuition Awareness, Creativity, Energy Channeling, and Mojo Potency.

 Energy Worker & Meditation Expert
Energy Worker & Meditation Expert

I am an Intuitive Energy Channel, Meditation Expert, Tapping (EFT) Guide, and Block-Busting Ninja. Let’s clear your energy, bust your abundance blocks, and retrain your brain to attract affluence.

 Eclectic Witch & Intuitive Tarot Reader
Eclectic Witch & Intuitive Tarot Reader

I am a magickal practitioner and boss witch with decades of experience. I offer highly Intuitive Energetic Tarot Readings, and guidance in Magick, Ritual, and Spell Creation.

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